01.07.2022 - Between Bodies and Place



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Address: Rheinorange, Am Bört, 47059 Duisburg

Time (CEST): 18:00 - 20:00



There is no parking possibility in the direct vicinity. However, you can park on the "Kaßlerfelder Straße". At "Kaßlerfelder Straße 188" there is a passage to the "am Bört". From there it is about 20 minutes walk along the Ruhr to the Rheinorange.


Public transport:

Take streetcar 901 to the stop "Duisburg Albertstraße". From there turn left onto "Am Brink" and then right onto "Kaßlerfelder Straße". Follow "Kaßlerfelder Straße" for about 700 meters until you see a passage on the right to "am Bört". At "Am Bört" turn left and follow the river Ruhr until you reach the Rheinorange.

Take bus 933 to the bus stop "Duisburg Rheindeich". From there continue on "Lilienthalstraße" until you reach the Rhine and then turn right and follow the Rhine to the mouth of the Rhine-Ruhr.



For people in wheelchairs, it is recommended to access via "Am Bört" as it is level and paved throughout. The path is mostly level and takes about 30 minutes. Public park benches without armrests are available on site, but there are no restroom facilities or shelter.




01.07.2022 - Lokal Harmonie

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Address: Harmonie Straße 41, 47119 Duisburg


Time (CEST): From 20:30



By car, drive along "Kaßlerfelder Straße", then turn left again via "Am Brink" to the traffic circle. At the traffic circle take the third exit over the bridges in the direction of Ruhrort onto "Ruhrorter Straße". Follow the road until you reach the "Tausendfensterhaus", at the next traffic light turn left into "Dr.-Hammacher-Straße". Continue to the end of the street, then turn right into "Harmoniestraße" and park "Am Neumarkt".

Public transport:

From the Rheinorange, the best way to reach the Harmonie restaurant is to take line 901 in the direction of "Obermarxloh" and get off at "Friedrichsplatz". From the stop, follow the course of the streetcar in the opposite direction for about 100 meters and continue straight on into "Harmoniestraße". The restaurant is located on the left side.


The entrance to the pub Harmonie is three steps and there is no barrier-free access. There are two gender-free restrooms. One is located on the upper floor and one on the first floor. Both restrooms are accessed by at least three steps. There are no designated restrooms for people with disabilities.