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Viewing platform Autobahndreieck Bochum West




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Address: Viewing platform Autobahndreieck Bochum West, Wattenscheiderstrasse 140, 44793 Bochum


Time (CEST): 17:00 - 19:00



The Bochum West viewing platform is located just off the A40 at the Bochum West interchange. If you take exit 32 Dreieck Bochum West, the viewing platform is just off "Wattenscheider Straße".


Public transport:

From Bochum main station, take streetcar 302 for six stops in the direction of "Buer Rathaus" to the "Goldhammer Straße" stop. Continue in the direction of travel along "Wattenscheider Straße". The viewing platform is located after about 500 meters on the right side.



The viewing platform overlooks the autobahn triangle and requires a stairway climb and an approximately 10 minute walk. There is no seating or restroom facilities on the viewing platform itself or in the immediate vicinity. There is also no shelter on the observation deck itself, but there is in the immediate vicinity.




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Address: Rottstrasse 15, 44793 Bochum


Time (CEST): From 19:30



From the Bochum-West viewing platform, drive by car along "Wattenscheider Straße" in the direction of Bochum-Wattenscheid-Mitte. Then turn first left onto "Alleestraße" and after 900 meters half-right onto "Rottstraße". Neuland is located after 400 meters on the right side.


Public transport:

From the viewing platform, walk left along "Wattenscheider Straße" to the "Goldhammer Straße" stop. Take streetcar 302 for four stops in the direction of "Bochum Langendreer" to the stop "Bochumer Verein/JHH". Walk in the same direction for 100 meters along Alleestraße until "Rottstraße" turns off to the right. The Neuland is located after 400 meters on the right side.

Neuland is a 10 to 15 minute walk from the main train station. From the main station (city side) you walk left along the "Südring" until it makes a slight right turn, there the "Rottstraße" leaves. After 50 meters you will find the Neuland on the left side.



The Neuland can be entered via three steps, there is no barrier-free access. There are two opposite toilets accessible from the pub. There are no designated restrooms for people with disabilities.